My first post… and it’s a doozy because I’m angry…

Gun nuts and bigots are having a massive circle jerk right now because a black man shot those two reporters. Guess what people, that doesn’t mean guns aren’t the problem and that doesn’t absolve white people (or black people or green people) from hate and violence.

We don’t say ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ because we’re trying to say other lives are less important than black lives. Yes, truly the life of every decent human being in this world matters. Let me put this into some perspective for you. Imagine you’re at a party and everybody but you receives a piece of cake. You take offense to this and you say, “But I want MY fair share!” because you’ve been singled out and are being treated as a lesser person. Now somebody hears you say this and they say to you, “No… EVERYBODY wants their fair share… Not just you!” as if you’re being ridiculous asking for what everybody else already has. How does that make you feel?

What many people need to realize is that the #blacklivesmatter movement is just trying to get equal treatment for an entire racial group. I’m not black. I will never know first hand what many black individuals go through because of bigoted white people. You think it’s exhausting hearing about this stuff? Imagine how exhausting it must be to live it. Think I’m wrong? Look at the incarceration rates for black people compared to white people. Look at those rates for similar offenses.

Back into the gun thing, now. The gun violence rates in the U.S. far exceed every other westernized country in the world. You look at what other western countries have done in the name of “gun control” and guess what, it’s been working. You have a country like Australia who took extreme measures after the largest massacre the country has ever seen and guess what, since then there hasn’t been one. Coincidence? Absolutely not! I am a gun owner. I am not saying guns are evil. I was a hunter. I own a rifle and a shot gun, and I’m quite good with them. Even if I lost my mind, however, I couldn’t do NEAR as much damage with those things as I could with one or two hand guns, or as I could with an AR-15.

But anyways, you can all hate away. I don’t care. If you’re too ignorant to ever change your point of view then you’re never going to get far. My views on gun violence have been constantly evolving since I decided to actually educate myself on the issue. Maybe some people need to try that.


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