Christian Persecution?

I’m sure by now many people have seen the “interview” of Ted Cruz by former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.  Yes, I too was surprised that somehow this lady has her own show, but we just won’t get into that right now.  For those of you who have not seen it, the link is at the bottom of this post.

This clip starts by showing a Ted Cruz speech clip in which he talks about the 1st amendment having the freedom of religion in it.  He goes on to state, “If we cannot worship God, if we cannot live according to our faith and our dictates, all other liberties fade away.  Never has the threats been greater to our religious liberty than they are right now here today.”  The passion in his voice is something you’d think came straight from Daniel Day Lewis.  If I didn’t know any better I would buy that speech, put it on my mantle and hold it as gospel.  Unfortunately, however, there are many people in this country who do not know better.  They hear that passion and they instantly believe it.

People like Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, and basically all of Fox News are trying to act as if Christianity is being persecuted against here in America.  Despite having that whole separation of church and state thing in our constitution, Christianity is still very much a part of our government.  I am not saying this is a bad thing, either.  We have had 44 Christian Presidents in a row.  The vast majority of our senators and congressmen and women are Christian.  Religion does influence people a great deal, and again, this isn’t a bad thing.  Unfortunately what is slowly happening here is that some are trying to confuse the freedom of religion with imposing that religion on others.  We see this both subtly and obviously.  We still have Christian pieces on state grounds.  We still have opening prayer in some state houses.  This isn’t a problem, never has been.  But when other religions are being denied the same equal rights that Christianity is given on state grounds, then there starts to become a problem.

I am an atheist.  There, two posts in and I already said it.  I, however, do not let my atheism shroud my judgement.  I’ve lived much of my “open atheist” life being shamed for it at times.  I lost two very close friends when I came out as an atheist.  I was still the same person.  I still had the same morals I had when they decided I was good enough to be friends with.  Only difference was my label.  Getting back into the government side of things.  Let’s say I commit some crime, get arrested and now I have a court date.  We still swear on a bible in the courtroom, do we not?  Where is that Christian persecution?  Does me, an atheist, swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God on a bible, as an atheist who does not believe in an almighty God above make it any less sincere?  What if I were a Muslim?  Now I only share half of that book, so am I half as sincere?  Maybe I’m a Buddhist monk in that courtroom, swearing that same oath, as a witness to a crime.  Any Christian persecution there?

Some of you may have heard about the county clerk for Rowan County Kentucky who is now refusing to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court legalized marriage for everybody.  She is smart about this, indeed.  To avoid “discriminating” she is not issuing licenses to any couple, gay or straight, claiming that it is against her belief to do so.  There are some main points I would like to touch on, so I’ll just bullet them out.

  • Issuing a marriage license is for a LEGAL marriage, not a church marriage.  CHURCHES CAN DENY A COUPLE FOR ANY REASON, even if that reason is, “He/She is of a different faith, no wedding!”
  • She has, I would presume, issued marriage licenses in the past to atheist couples, potentially Muslim couples, or even couples that didn’t get married in a church, under her God.
  • Kim Davis has been married four times, divorced 3 times… Therefore, according to the bible, is an adulteress.
  • Romans 13:1-14.  You know, something about obeying the law of the land, because those who made the law of the land were put there by God to create those laws, also, in the case of the United States, were put there by elected officials who are Christian, by a vast majority.  (Also throw in some irony here then about Obama being in office)

Tell me now, who is being persecuted here?  Who is being DENIED something, based on who they are as an individual?  I certainly don’t see Kim Davis being denied anything.  She is being asked to do her job.  How does she still even have a job?  She’s received multiple court orders telling her to do her job.  The county office is too afraid of a media storm if they fire her, which they should.

If you don’t like gays and lesbians getting married because it goes against your “Christian values” then you should also be shaming the hell out of Kim Davis for her adultery.  Where is the outrage over Sarah Palin’s daughter, the adulteress?  You would rather jump at the Obama children for looking bored watching a turkey being pardoned than go after something that truly goes against your religion.  The day I hear Fox News blast Rush Limbaugh for being an adulterer and going against their Christian values is the day I will stop calling Fox hypocritical.

Oh… Back to Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz.  Further into the “interview” (stocked full of ridiculous one liners) and what it brings.  Ted Cruz says that if he is elected he will, in his first day, he will direct the Department of Justice, IRS, and every federal agency that the persecution ends that day.  He talks about how soldiers should be able to worship their God without their commanding officers stopping them.  I’m not military, so correct me if I am wrong, but when has a soldier been denied the right to pray?  Christian, Muslim, etc.  Ted Cruz is trying to break up that constitution he claims to hold so tightly.  Despite separation of church and state, he is trying to turn this into a Christian nation.

He then goes into talking about defunding Planned Parenthood.  He goes so far as to call Planned Parenthood a criminal enterprise.  This is what is being considered “journalism” from Sarah Palin on Fox.  Anybody who tries to educate their self can easily see what Planned Parenthood is all about.  Abortion is VERY low on that list.  I won’t get into the non-religious arguments for/against abortion.  Both sides have great arguments and poor arguments.  If you defund Planned Parenthood based on your “Christian values”, throwing all medical science to the side, tell me who is being persecuted against?  If you’re Christian, don’t go to Planned Parenthood.  We allow your churches to be tax exempt.  When was the last time somebody tried to fight against that?

Do you want to know what I really see here?  I see a country that is still very Christian.  I see a country that has one of the most Christian governments in the world.  It’s not a bad thing, either.  What is slowly happening though is we’re getting some very skewed views on right and wrong under the guise of Christianity trying to slip into our government.  I’m an atheist who’s voted for Christians.  The vast majority of our elected officials are able to keep religion and government separate.  Yes, their Christian faith DOES influence their vote, as it influences who they are.  The majority of Christians are also intelligent enough to know what being a true Christian means.  Many of these very vocal politicians and pundits, however, do not know true Christianity.  They only seem to know their blind hatred while they throw a tantrum to try and get their way.  Who is to blame?  Sadly, we all are to blame.  We, as a society, have allowed this to happen.  We’ve allowed various other forces to rise to power and we’ve allowed people like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Fox News to have that power.  They didn’t steal it from us, either.

Sarah Palin interview Ted Cruz


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