Please stop oppressing my right to oppress others…

This has essentially been the battle cry of many “Christians” in light of the Supreme Court’s decision to hold Kim Davis in contempt of court for her refusal to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples (by refusing to issue marriage licenses to any couple) do her job.

The main argument we see with this is that Kim Davis’ 1st amendment rights are being spat on.  The main issue with this argument, is that it is wrong.  First off, Kim Davis isn’t sanctioning a religious ceremony by issuing a marriage license.  Any church/priest/pastor/minister/etc still has the right to not do a religious ceremony for a number of reasons.  Two Christians getting married can still be denied by the Catholic church because one of the two isn’t Catholic.  If this was truly about Kim Davis’ religious beliefs then she should be asking every single couple that comes through what religion they are, and denying marriage licenses to non-Christians, as well.

Now, just as Kim Davis does have her 1st amendment rights, every single person in this country, gay, straight, etc. also has those same rights.  Marriage is now 100% legal in this country, whether Kim Davis likes it or not.  Two men or two women can not have THEIR 1st amendment rights stripped away, simply because Kim Davis doesn’t agree with it.  Jesus might have nothing to do with that wedding.  A church still can say, “no, we cannot perform your ceremony.”  Weddings can still be performed by judges or anybody who is licensed to perform a legal marriage.

What we’re seeing here is a group of people who have this skewed belief that the 1st amendment ONLY applies to THEIR personally held beliefs.  I won’t even say these beliefs are the beliefs held by Christians, because there are still many level-headed Christians who won’t stop love.  Thing is though, the rest of us don’t need to be tolerant of your intolerance.  Many of us here in the real world are sick of it.  Luckily the court system is sick of it, too, and has stopped allowing a small group of people oppress others for their personally held beliefs.

Fifty years from now out grandchildren will be learning about the civil rights movement that happened in the 2010’s.  You know how stupid you thought people were for not giving equal rights to others based on their skin color?  Your grandchildren will be having that same feeling about people like Kim Davis.  Kim Davis won’t be known as a hero.  If we’re lucky enough, Kim Davis won’t even be known


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