Some Personal Ramblings

So I guess I do write about non-political things.  Woot!  Woot?

So lately I find myself doing many things.  I am teaching full-time as a long-term sub, I still also am doing my nights at the bar and the liquor store I work.  What I am not doing is taking any time for myself.  I finally gave up my weekends at the gas station just so I wasn’t working 7 days a week, despite some family members warning me not to.  A wise quote I’ve read many times was to never get so tied up in making a living that you forget to make a life.

I started this year off wanting to make changes in my life.  Big changes.  Some changes so personal I won’t even talk about them.  Despite that I’ve become a better person this year than I was last year I cannot, for the life of me, remember anything I put on that list, but one thing.  The funny thing is that even though I’ve had the desired outcome I wanted in the creation of that list, the only thing I remember from that list is the one thing I won’t be able to complete.

I’ve been getting so completely tied up in work that I haven’t hardly had time to just be me.  Tonight would have been my only weeknight off this week had I not gotten a night shift covered on Thursday.  Saturday morning, I am still on at the liquor store, however.  Having to juggle so many different hats can just be over-whelming.  I don’t miss my old days in the finance/accounting industry one bit but what I do miss about that was the time I had.  I felt like I just had more time in general despite the fact that I still worked a full-time job that kept me 8-5, I still had a part-time job (that wasn’t necessary, financially) that had me 2-4 nights a week, too.  I never felt like I just didn’t have free time though.  Yes, the part-time job was working with a rock wall/outdoor rec/boathouse, which just so happened to be a huge passion of mine, but even despite that I was still able to have relationships, go places, see things, do things without having the financial or spatial drag on my life.  These days, despite working so many jobs I don’t have that luxury.  I’m always worrying about bills, rent, etc.  Sure, I don’t make the same money I did in the financial/accounting industry, but honestly even with that job I didn’t make that much.  Sure, I lived in a town that was relatively inexpensive, but I also found myself in Minneapolis nearly every single weekend to spend time with my significant other I was with at the time.  I know that has been nearly 5 years since I left that life behind, packed everything, closed my eyes and took a huge step into my new life, a life of being back at college in my mid-twenties which has now led to my current life as a 27 year old, but what has happened in that time?  I feel like I am just living in a completely different life, it is hard to imagine any of that anymore.

I love my jobs, really I do.  Subbing at an ALC can be an extremely stressful job.  I keep going back there day in and day out, however, not because of the paycheck, but because I actually feel like I belong there.  Sure, I’ve got nothing good to say about the current position teaching math, where I feel like I was just thrown into a pit of lions to fend for myself, but I’m making it work and being successful with it.  Even with all that, there are still days where I just feel like I belong and know that I am making a difference, even if it was just in one person.


Time is a very important thing.  I’m trying to relearn this thing called life.  This time, however, I feel I will do a much better job of it.

Some of you may ask,”Why are you writing this?”  For that I think I have a very simple answer.  Venting.  I often times tell others that sometimes you just need to vent, even if its not a big deal.  Sometimes just saying the words helps you understand what it all means, more.  There have also been times where I’ve found I learn the most about myself by allowing somebody else to vent towards me, even if I have no advice to offer them when they’re done.


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