Whenever I hear…

Whenever I hear somebody give reasons for supporting Trump, Carson, Bush, Cruz, etc. all that I truly hear is:
  • Screw anybody NOT from America! They’re probably a terrorist or criminal…. except white people not from America, they’re okay.
  • I truly don’t care about jobs, the economy, veterans, the homeless, etc. I just like to act like I do because I’ve never actually paid attention to which party votes which way, I only listen to their fancy, fact-free one-liners I’ fed on the news.
  • People on welfare and lazy and I think they’re on drugs.  I don’t care that many of the largest corporations don’t pay a single cent in taxes due to massive loopholes and storing cash out of America, they’re just doing what I would do if I actually happened to be an extremely wealthy and successful individual, which I am not.
  • I’m so upset by ISIS and all the killings around the world which is why I support everybody in American having as many guns as they can. Who cares about domestic terrorism. We don’t call it that here, those guys were just misunderstood youth who needed help.  We need to go to war and give more guns and have more damage so they know not to mess with ‘Merica!
  • Gay people are icky and I cherry pick the bible for the verses that support me. When you bring to light other bible verses, however, I’m going to tell you that you’re just being hateful and misinterpreting them.
  • That candidate speaks their mind! I wish I could say the same things as them, but I’d probably lose my job.



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