Ted Cruz: Agent of the Constitut… Bible

Ted Cruz has been quoted to saying, “I am a Christian first, American second.”

How does this not scare you? This should for a few reasons.

First off, imagine somebody running for office said, “I am a Muslim/Jew/Atheist/Hindi/Pastafarian first, American second.” Imagine the outrage we would see on various news outlets. Hell, let’s imagine if Bernie Sanders said, “I am a Jew first, American second.” Fox News would be calling for him to drop out of the Presidential race.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if some in the GOP were calling for his resignation from the Senate.  Yet with Cruz, however, this is tolerated.

Let’s also look at this from another angle. The whole separation of church and state. For as much as Mr. Cruz claims to be a protector the Constitution he claims to love so much, where is his true priority? One of the major pieces of the Constitution was the whole separation of church and state, due to the fact that many Americans came here fleeing the notion of a church run state or a state run church that was persecuting them. If Ted Cruz loves the Constitution so much, then why on Earth is he trying to go back 300 years in the past?

This even brings up another point to the toleration level with Cruz.  With Barack Obama, a man born in Hawaii to a Kenyan father and a white mother, there was outrage over whether or not he was a Christian, let alone an American.  This was insane.  No amount of  birth certificates or legal documentation could quell that storm.  Yet Ted Cruz, a man born of an American mother and Cuban refugee father in Canada there is barely a murmur about his eligibility.  You also notice that the Democrat side has largely sat silent, as well.  Why is this?  Which side is more prone to throwing out dramatic theatrics in politics?  Which side is more focused on the issues that the American people care about?

Speaking of toleration, since when is threatening to “make sand glow” (in reference) to the Middle East sound politics?  Let alone popular politics.  Somehow a comment such as this makes Cruz an even more popular candidate, despite the threat of [what I could only assume to be] nuclear war being absolutely preposterous.  On that tangent, however, I’ll digress and let you form your own opinion.

With this I simply leave this post reminding readers that in order for these sort of things to stop, we as a society need to stop allowing this.  We cannot sit idly by and say nothing when people make comments like these.  Whether these comments are from politicians or that crazy uncle.  I remember a day when the Dixie Chicks were boycotted and called treasonous for speaking out against G.W. Bush, yet now we have politicians openly disrespecting a sitting POTUS.  We’ve allowed this, however.  We are to blame.


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