Dear President Obama, they say your term is over.

So with 340 days left in his Presidency, President Obama is [essentially] being informed that his job here is done, by the very say people who have been trying to make sure he isn’t able to do his job for the past 7 years.  Despite that, truly, it is his constitution obligation to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, and it is the constitutional duty of the Congress to approve or disapprove of any nominations based on their ability to be a judge, not a congressman or woman’s feeling about who the appointee is.

We now have a certain Rafael Eduardo Cruz trying to tell us to leave this SCOTUS spot up to the voters, and let them decide in the coming elections.  My question to his is simple, “Why?”  Why is this guy so hell bent on waiting.  We should know by now a Republican is probably not winning the White House.  Why would we wait to go through the long drawn out process of GOP obstructionism and them refusing to do their job?  Haven’t we simply had enough of this?  The voters already have decided to put President Obama into the White House… TWICE.  I’d say that the voters have already decided.  We voted for Obama knowing that for the next four years he would have the opportunity to fill any SCOTUS vacancies that came up during that time.  This is just simply the kid on the playground who didn’t get picked for kickball trying to say that nobody else can play.

I saw something interesting floating around the internet.  It showed a picture of the Dixie Chicks with the caption, “Remember when speaking out against the President was treasonous?”  During the time of G.W. Bush, this country changed.  A lot of things changed.  Our entire world changed.  I’m not going to argue whether or not G.W. Bush did a good job adapting to this change.  I’m not going to blame G.W. Bush for the actions of a group of Saudis and a hurricane.  The question, however, is was he the right man to handle the job?  You can ask a Democrat or a Republican whether or not the years between 2001 and 2007 were good years for the United States and most of them will agree that they were not.  This question is leaving politics and the President out of it.

What do we see now?  We see our elected leaders, many of whom were the same exact leaders who condemned the Dixie Chicks, openly disrespecting a sitting President.  We see somebody who would rather make a mockery of his office by reading Green Eggs and Ham for hours, instead of do his damn job and just vote NO if he feels so inclined.  These same elected leaders bitched and complained when the Democrats filibustered rational things to be against.  The GOP, however, has literally been against every damn piece of legislation that has come there way.  We’ve had members of the GOP opening saying that they’re doing this purely to make Obama look bad.  When he was first elected, you had GOP members saying that they would do everything in their power to make sure he was a one term President.  Why on Earth would somebody try to sabotage this country for 4 years just because they don’t want a certain President?  This is insane!  If they claim to love this country so much, why wouldn’t they do everything in their legal power to push for progress, even if they didn’t have the White House?  You don’t burn the forest down because you’re scared of a single wolf in it.

I will also leave you some brilliant words about the role of the President and the role of the Senate when it comes to nominating Supreme Court Justices from a Mr. Mitch McConnell:

“Any President’s judicial nominees should receive careful consideration.  But after that debate, they deserve a simple up-or-down vote. . . . It’s time to move away from advise and obstruct and get back to advise and consent.  The stakes are high . . . . The Constitution of the United States is at stake.  Article II, Section 2 clearly provides that the President, and the President alone, nominates judges.  The Senate is empowered to give advice and consent.  But my Democratic colleagues want to change the rules.  They want to reinterpret the Constitution to require a supermajority for confirmation.  In effect, they would take away the power to nominate from the President and grant it to a minority of 41 Senators.”  (States News Service, May 19, 2005)

Now, I understand that McConnell said this in 2005 when G.W. Bush held office.  So what has changed?  Now all of a sudden he feels that the Senate should be able to obstruct?  In 2005 the Constitution was at stake, is it not at stake anymore?  I am so confused.  All of a sudden Mr. McConnell wants to change the rules.  McConnell is one of the loudest voices saying the President should wait and not nominate somebody, despite still having almost an entire year left in office.  He still has one-fourth of a term.  I guess that doesn’t mean a whole lot to the guy who hasn’t shown this POTUS much respect, anyways.  The hypocrisy is too much.

This ultimately goes into a beautiful notion that we, as a nation, need to vote.  When the majority of Americans don’t even vote, this is a problem.  We can all vote together and get some real change.  We can vote in a Congress that actually wants to do their job.  Ultimately, the power is still in our hands.  We need to do something about this.  We need to act.


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