The Donald doesn’t know…

So I’ve been hearing a lot in the news lately about how Donald Trump was asked to denounce KKK Grand Wizard David Duke after Duke asked all KKK members to vote for Trump.  Trumps rebuttal to this was that he would not denounce Duke because, “I don’t know anything about David Duke…” and, “I don’t know anything you’re talking about with white supremacy…”

First off, the Donald has called out David Duke as being a racist and a bigot in the past, prior to this.  We are, however, not even going to focus on that point, because who knows, maybe that just slipped his memory.  What I am going to focus on, however, is the fact that Donald J. Trump feels open to run his mouth about so many other things, despite not knowing a lot about it, but when it comes to the KKK and white supremacists voting for him, all of a sudden he doesn’t want to step on any toes.

This is the same man who has openly insulted: Mexicans, blacks, Jews, homosexuals, high members of the democrat party (whom he’d also once supported), high members of the republican party (whom he’d also once supported), journalists, reporters (whom he’d also once supported), Apple, Macy’s, NBC, Fox, women, the handicapped, the Pope, Muslims… and oh my god the list just goes on.  How is it you can openly insult so many groups and so many people and be touted as, “speaking his mind!” yet when it comes to denouncing the KKK, all of a sudden that is good politics?

It is time we get our heads out of our posterities here.  Even normal republicans can agree that this man is crazy.  Many within the GOP are already openly saying a Trump Presidency would shatter their party.  Yet we the people have decided that this is okay.  There is no place in politics or the leadership of the free world for this kind of talk.  This is dusting, plain and simple, but every day it looks more and more like a possibility.  Shame on us.  We have allowed this.


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