One of the reasons why I vote Bernie…

So I am just going to leave this post short and sweet.

Just got my EOBs for my hernia surgery I recently had. Needless to say I miss my “Obamacare”. It is pretty ridiculous how even having decent insurance is still not enough for this kind of thing. This is why I support a candidate such as Bernie, who truly wants to “make America great again” and catch us up to the modernized world, especially when it comes to health care. It is pretty disgusting when you see average, working Americans needing to set-up GoFundMe accounts just to pay medical bills, meanwhile our neighbors up north enjoy a vast wealth of health benefits, and frankly, better healthcare. Having some medical emergency through no fault of your own (I had a ventral hernia… basically nothing I could have done to prevent it) should not be a debt sentence.

Just my two cents as a concerned citizen of the world who is now looking forward to paying a bill that is nearly what I make in two months.



If Trump is elected…

Wow, this is one of the most powerful things I have ever read. The Boston Globe ran a faux front page of what they feel will happen one year from today if Trump is elected. The sad thing is, a lot of it looks like it could happen.
This is why we must go out and vote, people. We need to keep guys like this out of office. The international community looks at America right now and they’re shaking their heads because of this guy. He is an embarrassment to everything so many brave young men and women have fought for over the decades, and not just in the military, but in the decades of fighting for civil rights and equality.
The thing that really gets me the most are the people who say “If Hillary/Sanders lose I won’t vote for the other!” This is ridiculously. I’m not going to lie, I am a huge Sanders supporter. Sanders is, in my opinion, 10x better than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, however, is still 10x better than Donald Trump. And yes, if you do the math, I am saying that Sanders is 100x better than Donald Trump. It shouldn’t matter whether or not Hillary or Sanders get the Democratic nomination, you need to vote!  Your refusal to vote because you’re upset the other one didn’t win is a vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.  You will officially have enabled 4 years of disaster.
Here is the other thing, Ted Cruz is NOT much better either. Ted Cruz might not have the explosive personality that Trump has, but anybody who threatens to “carpet bomb the Middle East” and to see if “sand glows” is NOT fit to run the United States of America. War and killing should NEVER be our first option, it should always be our last option. We see this not only in our politics, but we see it increasingly with our law enforcement, too. We need to be better as a society. We used to be better as a society. We used to be the best country on this planet. It is true, however, every Roman sees his day.

Some Rambling about People as Mascots…

So lately in the news there has been a lot of talk about about Bomani Jones (Co-Host of ESPN’s Highly Questionable) and his wearing of the Caucasians shirt while on air.  In a nut shell, there are a number of predominately white individuals who have taken issue with this shirt, including a number of higher ups within ESPN.

I think it goes without saying that the fact that there is such uproar about a colored man wearing this shirt, thoroughly aggravating a large enough population of people to make this newsworthy, proves the point that Native American groups and supporters have been trying to make for decades that the Cleveland Indians name and/or logo is highly offensive.

I do not take the complete straight-lined stance of “people are not mascots” like many others do.  I feel that some mascots are very tastefully done.  For example:

  • Cleveland Indians:  This is probably the most offensive of the bunch.  Not only is the term “Indians” completely stupid, but the Chief Wahoo logo is beyond ridiculous and offensive.  Over 500 years ago, white Europeans came here in search of a new trade route to India, what they instead landed on was a continent they had never been to, that was inhabited by a people they had never encountered.  They mistaken thought these people were Indians.  Over 500 years later we haven’t even bothered to correct ourselves, and now a mediocre baseball team out of Ohio has the Chief Wahoo on their cap and call their team the Indians.
  • Washington Redskins:  This is a case where they don’t necessarily have an offensive logo.  In all honesty, I enjoy their logo, it is nothing inflammatory and truthfully is a “prouder” depiction of a Native American.  The main issue that comes from this team is their actual name, “Redskins”.  Truthfully, referring to a Native American as being a “Redskin” is along the same lines as using terms such as Jap, Gook, Spic, Nigger, Beaner, etc.
  • Atlanta Braves: Here is, in my opinion, an example of “using people as mascots” done correct.  A Brave was commonly referred to as a Native American warrior from the North American tribes, primarily located in the Southeast area of the modern day United States.  Truly, the Atlanta Braves are about on par with the Fighting Irish.  The logo is tastefully done, with the tomahawk, and there are no depictions of an actual group of people.  The Atlanta Braves, their namesake and logo are about on par with the New York Yankees or Milwaukee Brewers.
  • UND Fighting Sioux:  Here is, in my opinion, another example of using Native tribes done correctly.  UND was under a lot of fire from the NCAA for their use of the term Fighting Sioux, yet they went and met with the various Sioux Tribes in the area to obtain their blessing to continue to use the moniker.  All tribes agreed that this was okay, except one didn’t bother to give a stance either way, so therefore UND lost their namesake.  UND does not use offensive logos, and again Fighting Sioux is about on part with Fighting Irish (another college team).  I respect that UND currently stays “mascot free” while they are still working with the various powers that be to gain the ability to use the Fighting Sioux as their namesake again, one day.

I always find is so interesting when speaking about such things to other white males and how nonchalant they are about such an issue.  Basically their main argument is that these groups are being too easily offended or being soft.  This is rather ridiculous, and Jones’ use of the Caucasians shirt has brought to the forefront how easily it is to get offended when one is portrayed in a negative light purely based on something such as the color of their skin.  The unfortunate thing is that every single one of these white males will never even have to live a single day knowing what it is like to be disrespected purely based on something such as the color of their skin.  If you’re so sick of hearing about it, imagine how exhausting it must be to live it.