If Trump is elected…

Wow, this is one of the most powerful things I have ever read. The Boston Globe ran a faux front page of what they feel will happen one year from today if Trump is elected. The sad thing is, a lot of it looks like it could happen.
This is why we must go out and vote, people. We need to keep guys like this out of office. The international community looks at America right now and they’re shaking their heads because of this guy. He is an embarrassment to everything so many brave young men and women have fought for over the decades, and not just in the military, but in the decades of fighting for civil rights and equality.
The thing that really gets me the most are the people who say “If Hillary/Sanders lose I won’t vote for the other!” This is ridiculously. I’m not going to lie, I am a huge Sanders supporter. Sanders is, in my opinion, 10x better than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, however, is still 10x better than Donald Trump. And yes, if you do the math, I am saying that Sanders is 100x better than Donald Trump. It shouldn’t matter whether or not Hillary or Sanders get the Democratic nomination, you need to vote!  Your refusal to vote because you’re upset the other one didn’t win is a vote for either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.  You will officially have enabled 4 years of disaster.
Here is the other thing, Ted Cruz is NOT much better either. Ted Cruz might not have the explosive personality that Trump has, but anybody who threatens to “carpet bomb the Middle East” and to see if “sand glows” is NOT fit to run the United States of America. War and killing should NEVER be our first option, it should always be our last option. We see this not only in our politics, but we see it increasingly with our law enforcement, too. We need to be better as a society. We used to be better as a society. We used to be the best country on this planet. It is true, however, every Roman sees his day.

6 thoughts on “If Trump is elected…

    • There are a total of 5 candidates left (2 Dem, 3 Rep)
      4 of these candidates “claim” to be Christian.
      1 of these candidates was invited to speak at the Vatican.
      That candidate was the Jewish Socialist, who is way more like Christ than Trump and Cruz who are bringing out the hatred in people. Jesus wouldn’t want that kind of hate and filth going around. If you’re going to act like Trump and Cruz are the Christian saviors, then you also need to pretend Jesus was just as divisive, hateful, arrogant, and didn’t spend time healing the sick for free… and also wasn’t actually white.

  1. Show me your evidence that Sanders is an Atheist. Also, please let me know what is wrong with having an Atheist in office. There is a firm separation of church and state, keep that in mind.

    Also, please explain to me how Trump embodies Christianity? I urge you to tell me with a straight face that if Jesus were to come down today that he would support the deportation of Hispanics. I urge you to tell me, with a straight face, that Jesus would end the ACA, making it damn near impossible for millions of people to have access to affordable health care. Otherwise, just stay off my blog, it is very obvious that you put zero educational thought into any of your comments, let alone anything you post.

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