One of the reasons why I vote Bernie…

So I am just going to leave this post short and sweet.

Just got my EOBs for my hernia surgery I recently had. Needless to say I miss my “Obamacare”. It is pretty ridiculous how even having decent insurance is still not enough for this kind of thing. This is why I support a candidate such as Bernie, who truly wants to “make America great again” and catch us up to the modernized world, especially when it comes to health care. It is pretty disgusting when you see average, working Americans needing to set-up GoFundMe accounts just to pay medical bills, meanwhile our neighbors up north enjoy a vast wealth of health benefits, and frankly, better healthcare. Having some medical emergency through no fault of your own (I had a ventral hernia… basically nothing I could have done to prevent it) should not be a debt sentence.

Just my two cents as a concerned citizen of the world who is now looking forward to paying a bill that is nearly what I make in two months.



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