All about “feelings”?

So I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post with a picture of words stating:

A question for the Attorney General:

Shouldn’t a 16 year old who identifies as a 21 year old be allowed to consume alcohol?

Shouldn’t a 40 year old who identifies as a 70 year old receive Social Security Benefits and the senior citizen discount as the movie theatre?

I mean if we are going to identify people simply because of their “feelings” doesn’t anything go?

My reply to this, which I actually tried to keep short and sweet:

This has been, by far, the stupidest post I have ever seen on this subject. I work with a number of students who are transgendered. This isn’t about how they “feel”; in their head and in their heart they truly are that gender. Maybe if you actually took the time to go out of your little box and get to know some people you’d realize this. I guarantee you’ve met trans people and never realized it. I’ve met men who are more muscular, have more facial hair and body hair, deeper voice, etc. than me but they were born physically as a woman. I have a student who was born with a vagina but the thought of going into the girl’s bathroom freaks him out because in his head he is a boy who has a vagina. I would NEVER force him to go into another restroom.  What kind of sick message are we trying to give here?

There have been way more cases of elected Republican lawmakers in the past 25 years committing sex crimes in bathrooms than there have been of trans people. This whole thing coming up now is just pathetic.  It is nothing but a smokescreen to make people not see the real issues.  There is a reason this has finally came up NOW in an election year.  They can no longer gripe about marriage being a right for everybody, so they’ve moved onto the next thing. Go to Europe. Tell me about how their bathrooms are set up. Ask around there about the culture behind the removal of bodily fluids.

Also, keep in mind that this sort of crap is about the most Anti-Christian thing ever. If Jesus came to Earth I guarantee he would hang out with that poor trans student of mine before he would give you the time of the day. Thou shalt not judge, right?

This is pretty pathetic and disgusting. Be kind to people. Be kind to everybody. Be kind to those who are different than you are.


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