Hillary and her emails…

She isn’t truly suspected of shit. It is just an [admitted] witch hunt to try and discredit her during an election year. There has yet to be any wrong doing found after multiple investigations, which have wasted our time and money, just to distract us from real issues.

Colin Powell [a Republican] has even said that Hillary has done nothing that he and Condi Rice didn’t also do during their time as Secretary of State under the Bush administration. Guess what though, Congressional Republicans don’t care about that because deep down they know this isn’t even something that was done wrong. They’re just frantically trying to discredit a highly qualified candidate, because after 8 years of a black man doing a phenomenal job as POTUS, 8 years of making the GOP look like god damn fools with their baseless attacks, 8 years of making Congressional Republicans look like school children who didn’t get picked for kickball as they try to block every piece of positive legislation, they’ve realized that the ONLY thing they have to show for themselves is Donald Trump. They know that if a woman gets elected, and re-elected and does another great job for 8 years despite their bullshit, they are doomed as a party for at least 2 generations.


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