Now what do we do?

Just got an email from the Clinton Campaign (Yes, I signed up to receive emails from Clinton, Sanders, and others, to be informed) saying that she has won the Democratic nomination.
This isn’t true yet. California isn’t even close to being counted. Sanders has won North Dakota (by a HUGE margin) and Clinton has won New Jersey. States that are still counting: California, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Montana.
This is some shady politics here. First we have the media, yesterday, reporting that Hillary has secured the nomination, which is blatantly untrue (as Super Delegates do NOT vote until July) and now we have Hillary trying to do the same. This is, in no doubt, an attempt to get Sanders to either quit or to get people to drop out of the Sanders’ camp. Imagine the Sanders supporters who didn’t turn out to vote today because the main steam media had told them it was over? How is this democracy?
Throw on top of that the disgustingly unproportional amount of super delegates already throwing their support behind Hillary, even in states where Sanders had landslide wins. There were states where Sanders won by over 20% but didn’t get a single super delegate vote. This isn’t democracy. This is disgusting.
Regardless, now that the Democratic nomination is rolling to a close we still need to keep our eyes on the bigger picture. Yes, Clinton isn’t the best choice to be the Democratic nominee. Clinton is, however, still leaps and bounds better than that bigoted, sack of garbage, known as Donald Trump. Allowing this guy to represent our nation would be the single biggest mistake the United States has ever made. Sanders supporters, if Hillary does win the nomination there are bigger things at stake here than your pride. I will be the first to swallow it and support Clinton.

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