Something about being “well regulated”

All things Orlando aside, I am just going to start off this post quite simply:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Militia is loosely defined as: a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.

Well Regulated (i.e. regulated thoroughly)-To regulate means to control or supervise. To do that well, means to have some strict control or supervision.

In other words, regular, untrained citizens aren’t a part of any “well regulated militia”. This leads into the question of, “Why do I need an assault rifle if I am untrained, unregulated, and not a part of a militia?”

We’ve been seeing far too often citizens of our country take up arms in the name of killing innocent people.  Often times they do this out of the name of religion (ironically, when it is out of Christianity, the media ignores it) but mostly out of the name of hatred.  Maybe they hated Doctors giving women the proper healthcare they deserved, maybe they hated African-American men, women, and children praying to God.  Maybe they hated homosexuals.  Maybe they hated school children.  Whatever it is, it is all senseless.

It is time that this country does something about this.  We’ve lost more people in the past week to mass shootings [defined as 3 or more subsequent killings] than Canada has in the past two decades.  One side tries to tell us that we cannot compare America to Canada, or to Australia, or to Japan, or to Great Britain.  I ask, “Why not?”  Is our culture so much more different where lives matter less here?  Is our obsession with guns that intense that we cannot realize that they are created with one purpose and one purpose only?  Anybody who denies that guns are not an invention purely meant to take lives is living with their head underground.  The Chinese did not invent gun powder purely to have parlor tricks and entertain children.  They knew that they needed to have the most effective stick for killing their enemies to stay alive.

We live in a world where it is perfectly acceptable for the government to ban WalMart from selling two boxes of Sudafed, yet you can go into WalMart and buy one box of Sudafed and two dozen boxes of ammunition to go along with the firearms you also purchased there on the same trip.  Are we that delusional to say “THIS!  This is where the line of control is!”  People give the argument with guns that it won’t stop the criminals.  Will limiting Sudafed stop the production of meth?  It won’t work anyways, right? I mean, people are going to make meth no matter what. Plus they can easily make meth in Mexico and bring it over. Plus people will still take meth. Now replace the meth with firearms and all of a sudden it’s too much control. At least with meth you cannot go and kill 50 people in an hour.

One of the saddest pieces of this whole Orlando business is that many of those politicians who are “offering thoughts and prayers” are also the very same politicians who fought so hard to prevent these LGBT individuals from having their God given rights, all to make sure people have their “God given rights” to carry a firearm.  Any firearm they want.  While these politicians are accusing LGBT individuals of being monsters and perverts in the bathroom they’re also failing to protect them from the real monsters.  And we’re okay with this?  Where the f*** are our priorities?

People need a little lesson in the amendments.  Yes, amendments are essentially set in stone.  Once it is there, it is always there.  But, you can also make amendments shutting other amendments down.  We created this amendment banning alcohol, because we, as a society, decided alcohol was evil.  A few years later, we realized this was a stupid amendment and we could just regulate alcohol, instead of banning it all.

There was once a time when it was somebody’s right to own people.  They used the same arguments, too.  It is my God given right to own slaves, you cannot take them away from me.  Just because somebody else abuses and mistreats his slaves doesn’t mean that mine should be taken away from me.  What did we do, however?  We created an amendment saying that slaves are actually just human beings, like the rest of us.  This was meant with a ton of resistance.  Not sure if any of you recall, but we fought a war over this.

We also had a time in our country when women could not vote.  What did we do?  We updated with the times.  We realized that women are just as capable of thinking as men.  So we created an amendment that allowed them to vote.

Why it is, then, that we cannot keep with the times and the technology with guns?  When the 2nd amendment was created, guns were muskets.  Even the most skilled marksman could maybe take out 3 blokes in one minute with a musket.  These days, however, most people can walk into a store that sells guns and walk out with one.  Even without much training, somebody can upgrade the parts on their gun to hold more bullets, give it a better sight, add better aiming and maneuverability, etc.

An example I like to give is transportation, since people like the excuse, “you can kill somebody with a car!”  When the Constitution was created, transportation was essentially by horse or foot.  That was it.  Fast forward 150 years.  Now we have the automobile.  Sure, it’s not that quick, yet, but it’s coming.  These days?  There are speed limits.  There are limits on who can drive.  There are limits on where you can drive.  You also must register all cars.   You also must take a written test to use this car.  You also must pass a practical test to use this car.  You also must have X amount of of “behind the wheel” while you’re training to use this car.  Imagine if we treated guns like that?  Insurance, registration, having to buy “gun tabs” every single year, etc.  Personally, I think your “behind the trigger” training would be a blast.  Wouldn’t gun enthusiasts love that, too?  Having a trained instructor taking you to the gun ran for 30 hours before you’re licensed to use your gun on your own.  Also, keep in mind, there are restrictions on how powerful cars can be on the road.  I cannot buy a NASCAR or Indy car and take it out on the streets.  Why should guns be any different?  We can reasonably restrict the intensity of the guns, much like vehicles.

By the end of the day, the underlying issue ultimately is that guns are much to readily available.  A good friend of mine, from Canada, on Facebook opined, “As a non-American living in America your gun regulations and laws are an absolute joke and a huge factor in the massive lead your country has over every other developed nation in gun violence. I’m not legally entitled to work in your country [for about a month] and yet I can purchase a weapon. Good call.”  The nutcase from Orlando?  He was on an FBI watch list, but thanks for NRA backed politicians, his “God given right” to own a firearm, purchase firearms, and purchase ammunition was more than protected.  How is this right?

Ultimately, in the end if we want to realize what the problem truly is in America and how to solve it we need to not focus on who suffers from the problem, or even who is committing the problem.  We truly need to focus on who is profiting from the problem.




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