This week in Police Murders

This week in the news police murders we have two black men who have been killed when they did not need to be.  I know some people right away are starting up the, “Well you see, he had a gun on his person!” rant.  The thing is, however, these are the same people [usually] who are giving the, “Well if somebody had a gun on their person, then all these lives would have been saved!” rant.  What is the common denominator here?  I won’t even say, but I think you can all figure it out.

With Alton Sterling, yes folks, he was committing a crime.  He was selling CDs in a parking lot.  That savage!  Multiple videos have shown Mr. Sterling was down, being fully restrained by two murderers officers of the law and that he was not reaching for the gun that he had in his pocket.
“But Trevor!  He still had a gun!  How are those officers suppose to know what his intentions are?!”

Well my dear lad, I am glad you asked.  As it turns out Louisiana also does allow for open carry.  So truthfully anybody can open carry.

“But he didn’t have a permit to open carry!”

Ah yes, but how would any officer [or civilian for that matter] know this?  Unless you’re judging a book by a cover [I’m kindly not trying to call you a racist] you are merely assuming that somebody who looks a certain way wouldn’t have a permit.  So truly, does open carry make us citizens safer?  If you’re interested, here is a quick summary of Louisiana’s open carry business.  If you’re even more interested in the murder of Alton Sterling and don’t believe that he wasn’t reaching for a gun, you can see for yourself here.

Now even in my home state of Minnesota there is another example of police murdering citizens who don’t deserve to die.  This time it is a man who was pulled over for a broken tail-light, by the name of Philando Castile.  The only video we have [so far] is from his girlfriend after he has been shot.  The girlfriend gives the background of what happened.  Castile was asked to show his ID so Castile was reaching for his wallet.  Castile had also informed the officer that he had his conceal and carry permit and also had a firearm.  Again, this is in complete compliance with the law.  The officer then fired a few rounds into him, right in front of his girlfriend and a young child who was right behind.  I’m no gun expert, but I know how dangerous it is to fire at such close proximity to other human beings, especially a young child.  In the back you hear the officer sounding distraught and trying to say, “I told him not to…” while the girlfriend, amazingly composed, reminding him that he asked for his ID.

“But Trevor, how would the officer know he wasn’t reaching for his gun?!”

I’m sorry what?  If a man is telling you he has a conceal and carry permit and he is telling you that he is reaching for the ID that you requested, why would you just automatically assume that he is going to kill you?  If somebody has the intentions on killing you, he doesn’t let you know that he has a weapon.  Element of surprise.

“But for real doe… Blue lives matter man!  How would that officer know?!”

Remember what I said above about judging the book by its cover?  What is the common denominator here?  You can’t kill somebody just because in your mind they look scary.

“We don’t even have the video of what happened leading up to the shooting though!”

This is true.  We do not.  Judging by the tone of that officer’s voice, he sounds like a man who just realized he did something awful.  He sounds like a man who is trying to figure out how to get out of s*** creek.  After they cuff the girlfriend, who committed no crime, the video still runs.  You hear an officer (assuming the murderer) saying “f**k” over and over.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but seriously.  You can see all of this here.

I have a question for my pro-gun people.  This is going to sound very pointed, but I am being very serious.  Does the 2nd amendment only apply to white people?  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that I am a white male.  I am not saying that being white or being male makes me superior.  Being white, however, makes me less likely to get treated like garbage and shot by police.  Being male also gives me advantages, such as not having to worry about being sexually assaulted by police or others.

These shootings aren’t even a 2nd amendment issue.  This is an issue with police brutality in America.  We’ve all seen the statistics of shooting in America compared to other 1st world countries, so I won’t rehash that.  Honestly, what are we doing here?  Our inaction isn’t helping anybody live longer lives.

I will leave you with a short video of a radio host who, truthfully, says it best.  The problem needs to start with the police policing their own.  Period.  Here is the video.  I have nothing else to say.  This is disgusting.  Have a good day.


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