Let’s get a party going!

Gary Johnson, the champion of all those who have been terrorized to the point of giving up.  He is our savior!  He will save us from the blood-drenched claws of Trump and Clinton, as both of them try to burn the United States to the ground, destroying each and every one of us!

*Note: I will tell you the one reason for voting 3rd party in this… I promise… Just read on*!

In all honesty, my feelings about Clinton and Trump aside, I have been hearing an awful lot of people fighting over whether or not to vote 3rd party for this upcoming election.  I’ve tried explaining to people that change doesn’t come from the top and that it is literally impossible for Gary Johnson to win the election.  I’m not going to go so far as to say you’re throwing your vote away, but truthfully many of you Johnson supporters have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about or what you’re doing.

First off, let’s be hypothetical here.  Let’s say that Gary Johnson wins the election in November!  We’re saved, right?  Well, not necessarily.  So we’d have our first POTUS who is a member of the Libertarian Party!  Okay, let’s do a quick recap of how the other lesser elections have gone.  First off, we have zero Libertarians in the Senate.  Congratulations Libertarian Party.  Alright, let me go over to the other house.  Lo and behold! We have zero Libertarians in the House of Representatives!

*Knock knock knock…*

Hello?  I am reality.  I am here to inform you that your savior, Mr. Johnson, has been a lifelong member of the Republican Party.  A quick Google search you can do yourself will inform you that Johnson entered politics in 1994 in New Mexico.  He was very successful, first running for governor and beating a certain Richard Cheney 34% to 33% to obtain the Republican nomination for governor.  Overall, Johnson won the general election and become the new governor of New Mexico.  This would be, the new Republican governor.

Johnson ran the state like a typical Republican would.  He called for cutting taxes, cutting spending, etc.  Many tax cuts he called for didn’t actually happen, and he appeared to be the champion of the people.  We see this state by state.  Makes a good sound clip to say, “I will cut all these taxes!”  Yippie! *Note: It was the gas tax.  Johnson also did a very typical Republican thing in 1995.  Johnson stood with 20 other governors during the 1995 federal government shutdown, calling upon the Republican leadership in Congress to obstruct against the Democrat President stand against the Clinton administration in budget negotiations.  We look at the Clinton Presidency and all we see is an amazing 8 years full of economic growth, unemployment dropping, government surpluses, and blowjobs.  Overall very successful, sounds like something I’ve heard of in very recent memory.

Point being, however, is that Gary Johnson is not and has not been a true Libertarian, has he?  Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat, but never pretended not to be a Democratic Socialist, right?  If Gary Johnson is so great, why didn’t he just run as a Republican in the first place for POTUS?  Why didn’t he run as a Republican in 2012, too?  Why are we only hearing about him now.  The vast majority of Johnson supporters I’ve spoken with had zero idea he even ran in 2012.  In 2012 when Johnson ran, he received 1,275,971 total votes.  This is less than 1% of the vote.  Where was all the Gary Johnson love?  He ran on the same principals, I promise you that.  Can you even name 3 of his principals off the top of your head?  I dare you to do so.  No cheating, no Googling!

I bet you couldn’t, yet here you are, adamant about voting for this man, are you not?  You truly have zero idea who  you are voting for, but you’re pissed as can be at Clinton and Trump.  You’re pissed at the system.  Why are you pissed off?  I can totally understand why you’re pissed off at Trump and/or the GOP.  They dropped the ball big time, but after hearing their filth the past 8 years you truly cannot be that surprised, can you?  This is the same GOP that obstructed for 8 years.  This is the same GOP that tried to tell us we had a Muslim in the White House (which honestly… why does somebody’s religion matter?  There was a time where a Catholic POTUS was viewed as evil *cough* JFK).  This was the same GOP who tried to tell us we didn’t have an American in the White House, while also trying to put a Canadian in the White House.

I’ve got news for you, champ.  Hillary Clinton isn’t evil.  Is Hillary Clinton still a part of the system?  Absolutely!  Is the system still broken?  No…  The system is working just fine, which is precisely why Hillary Clinton is i the position she is in.  That doesn’t make Clinton a bad candidate.  Trump, however, is a terrible candidate.  The thought of that man representing the U.S.A. and everything it stands for should send shivvers down your spine.  Do you want to be represented by that lying, adulterating, conning, bankrupting, bigoted, vile human being?  Hell no.  But I will digress on this point.

Here is the point though.  Why vote Libertarian in a Presidential Election?  Despite the fact that no Libertarian candidate has ever gotten more than 1.5% of the vote in the general election, there is some upside to voting 3rd party in general!  If a 3rd party candidate can muster 5% of the general election, then that 3rd party can gain access to federal election funding from the government, and also appear on the ballots easier.  Gary Johnson is already going to be on the ballot in 48 states, due to his campaign fundraising, but 5% takes some of this burden off.  Had the Libertarian party received 5% in 2008, then Gary Johnson would be receiving nearly $10 million in campaign funds.  Does this work to even the playing field?  A little.

Here is the thing though.  Funding isn’t going to solve our problem.  Right now we have this thing called the electoral college.  The electoral college means that any candidate needs to win 270 of the 538 electoral votes to become POTUS.  What happens if a 3rd party candidate who is popular enough comes along and splits that 538 enough that no candidate reaches the 270?  Then how do we decided a POTUS?  Well boys and girls, then it is decided by the House of Representatives!  They get to vote on the top 3 candidates.  As it sits, the Republican Party has control of the House of Representatives.  Let’s just say Johnson does a bang up job and get 10% of the vote.  Hillary and Trump split evenly and each get 45%.  Nobody quite reaches the 270.  Remember how I told you that there are no Libertarians in the House of Representatives?  Which way do you think the House of Representatives votes?  Certainly a member of the GOP wouldn’t vote for Clinton?  Paul Ryan, despite condemning whatever Donald Trump seems to be spewing each week still says he would never support Hillary Clinton.  At what point do we realize that a vote for Gary Johnson is almost a vote for Donald Trump?

Ultimately I will say this.  Yes, the electoral college is bad.  It needs to change, absolutely.  The two party system has made two parties grow too large, yes.  Too large doesn’t inherently mean evil, however.  The Democrat party, for all it’s flaws, is still the party of integrity right now. The GOP has been showing it’s true side for the better party of a decade, and now the flood walls have broken and we’re left with the party of Donald Trump.  Yes, a 3rd party getting recognition is a step in the right direction, but this year there is too damn much at stake for us to risk a Trump Presidency.  This isn’t me saying “vote the lesser of two evils!”  This is me telling you the choice is pretty damn obvious if you’d take your blinders off for a second!  We have a highly qualified candidate in Hillary Clinton.  This lady has been investigated more times by the FBI and various House Committees more than Nixon and each time has turned up ZERO wrong-doing.  Give me a god damn break on thinking Ms. Clinton is anything but qualified.  Do some research on your own for a change.  Turn the damn television off!

If you want your 3rd party then you need to earn it from the bottom up, just like every other party.  If you want that 3rd party candidate, vote for that 3rd party candidate in your state and local elections.  This will help grow that support.  If it grows from the ground, then vote it for the national elections.  If it keeps growing then guess what, it’ll be at the top and can make the change for you.  You’re not going to create a stronger foundation on your house by putting a new roof on it, same with the government.  You need that strong base for that change.  This is sadly why Bernie was defeated.  We are at a point, however, where if many of you take that blind anger and turn it into a researched cause we can have real change.  The choice is yours, however, be angry or be informed.


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