Gary Johnson the opportunist.

I am sharing here a post I just put up on my Facebook page with some of my thoughts about Gary Johnson and his campaign so far:

Gary Johnson has got to be the best opportunist around. This guy has been able to take advantage of other people’s screw up’s and dirty games to look like the cleanest candidate ever.
Fact: Donald Trump is a loud-mouthed POS who doesn’t deserve the attention he is getting for his filth.
Fact: Hillary Clinton has faced more scrutiny than any candidate in history and there still hasn’t been any evidence of criminal activity. Yet, people still are calling her a criminal (and Gary Johnson is essentially pedaling this, too).
Many Bernie Sanders supporters are flocking to Johnson, despite the fact that they know very little about Johnson and his policies. They go from the progressive in Bernie to the life-long Republican in Gary Johnson. If Gary Johnson were so great, then why didn’t they vote for him in 2012? That’s right, many of them have zero idea that Gary Johnson even ran in 2012!
Johnson is taking advantage of a situation for his own gain. Bernie Sanders was a class act, especially when he defended his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and acknowledged that the multiple witch-hunts against her were purely farcical. Gary Johnson, however, does not possess that kind of class and honor. Gary Johnson is pedaling the same “Hillary and Trump are both evil” garbage that the GOP is trotting out because they know they’ve been dealt a terrible hand with Trump winning the popular vote. The GOP knows that Trump might sink their party at the national and state levels. The GOP is the reason why you anti-Clinton people believe that she is a crooked individual, when she has done NOTHING but act with the same class and dignity that should be expected of our elected officials.
The same people who tried to convince you that Barack Obama was a Muslim, was born in Kenya, etc. are the same people who have you hook, line, and sinker on Clinton being a criminal. You’ve been fooled. You believed the clever social media memes. You believed the Fox News. You believe the 140 character long tweets. Now we all have to suffer because of it.
Do the rest of us a favor and actually do some research on all three candidates. Look at the plans all three candidates have laid out. These can be easily found on their campaign websites. Stop believing every-single-thing you see on social media. Don’t make the rest of us suffer from you ignorance. I am not going to tell you who to vote for, but dammit, please make an informed vote for your sake and the sake of the rest of us.

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