Snoop Dogg Activist

So I recently had an interesting comment/response on my Facebook about the recent Snoop Dogg video, which has him pointing a gun at a clown depicting Donald Trump.  I made a comment opining where the GOP outrage was when people disrespected our last sitting POTUS, as opposed to why it is there now.  Even more so, how they had outrage over those who publicly were opposed to our previous POTUS, G.W. Bush, yet openly disrespected the man who followed.


Ultimately my question goes into why was it acceptable for the GOP to be outraged at those who spoke out against G.W. Bush and those who speak out against Trump.  Also, it goes in to where is that anger coming from?  People disliked policies that G.W. Bush had.  People disliked how G.W. Bush handled Katrina, 9/11, the two wars, etc.  People dislike Trump’s comments about Hispanics, gays, blacks, Muslims, etc.  What was the main thing people hated about Obama?  That he was black and that he gave them healthcare (but believed the lies about the Affordable Care Act, which is becoming more and more evident as the GOP realizes what would happen if they repeal such a great piece of our country).

So yes.  Snoop Dogg is doing something very distasteful.  Where was your outrage for the last 8 years, however?


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