Special Kind of Fool…

Recently saw on Facebook a meme stating, “Hillary lost because she was a piss poor candidate with no message, that no one respected, who committed multiple counts of treason!”

Obviously this is pretty crazy to think about.  A small fragment of this is true, the part about respect, otherwise this is out in left field.  The thing about respect, however, is that the group that didn’t respect this, I doubt the creator of this image is specifically referring to.  Obviously approximately 99% of Trump voters (basis that number on no actual data) didn’t respect Hillary.  It was obvious at any Trump rally, disgustingly so.  Even Trump didn’t respect his opponent.  We saw a new, disgusting, side of America in this election.  In the past, by the end of the election much of the divisiveness could be put aside, and both candidates could shake hands, look each other in the eye, and say, “Well done!”  Not this time, however.

Anyways, below is my response to this gentlemen.  Thoughts and opinions?

You’re a special kind of fool, sir. If Hillary were a criminal, she would make O.J. blush. Hillary has been one of them most investigated politicians in the past few decades. Being investigated doesn’t show who is good or bad. It merely shows who has power. Hell, a lady might be spending a year in prison for laughing during the Jeff Sessions Congressional hearing. That is more time that Brock Turner got for raping a woman, mind you.
Point is, the treatment of Hillary Clinton this election says a lot more about our political system and government than it does about Hillary Clinton. She has been one of the most qualified people in recent history to run for POTUS but many in power fear her for political reasons. Many of those are the same people who were against Barack Obama and said “no” to literally anything he was for. Could be racism? Perhaps a bit. Could be that Hillary was a woman? Perhaps a bit.
The FBI (James Comey) intentionally tried to sway this election. A few emails that had nothing to do with Hillary turned up in a separate investigation and Comey announced a week before the election to the country and the voters that they were re-opening the investigation. For nearly 6 months before the election the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign for their potential Russian ties. Not a f**king word was said to the media or public. You tell me what should be taken more seriously, cooperating with Russia to win an election or using your personal phone/email to conduct government business, like the previous 3 Secretaries of State also all did… none of which had an investigation into them.
I fail to see how you’re still harping on this into May. Who is currently a bigger threat to our country? Hillary Clinton, the woman who won the popular vote by nearly 3 million, or Donald Trump, the man making the USA the laughing stock of the free world?

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