All the pills…

Here is a list of pills that are apparently hard for many people to swallow:

  • There is a difference between the flag for the country of Cuba and the Confederate flag.
  • There is a difference between the AR-15 and sporting rifles. This is why the AR-15 is obviously the preferred gun for the vast majority of these mass shootings.
  • The issue of gun violence in America is multifaceted. There isn’t ONE singular thing that can be done to stop it. Some ideas from the left are good ideas, some ideas from the right are good ideas. Common ground needs to be found with ALL of these ideas being a part of the solution.
  • Guns are different than they were when the Bill of Rights was written. Guns are more dangerous now. One person with a gun back in 1800 couldn’t inflict nearly as much damage as one person with a gun in 2018. Period.
  • The 2nd amendment doesn’t guarantee your ability to purchase any gun you want without restriction. If you read Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist No. 29 you would realize what he means by a “well-regulated militia”. The nutshell version, you are not a militia just because you own a gun. Period.
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights can be updated, and actually has been updated many times since its inception. This is why women can vote, black people aren’t worth 3/5th of a person, and we have presidential term limits (among other things). If you do not know what an Amendment is, perhaps you need a dictionary, not a gun.
  • The country of Russia interfered with our elections, plain and simple. The country of Russia clearly had a favorite of whom they wanted to win our Presidential election. That same winner is also denying something that has been proven to be fact. We do not know if he directly colluded with Russia in this effort, but we do know that he directly benefited from those efforts.
  • The current POTUS has been a philandering POS his entire adult life. He’s cheated on wives with future wives. He has cheated on his current wife with more than just one porn star. He has bragged about sexually assaulting women. This isn’t fake news. For some odd reason, however, he still received evangelical support. Odd.

This list will continue to be added upon.  I would love to hear from readers if they have any other pills they’d like to add.



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