My middle of the night thoughts on Trump’s summit with N.K.

As I am up for my [what is now regular] routine of waking up in agonizing pain, drinking water, taking some liquid pain meds that sting like nobody’s business, drinking more water, then having a popsicle to freeze and numb it all away, I am reading up on the Singapore summit and have some thoughts:

First off, congratulations to Donald Trump. This has [so far] been the first important moment in your presidency where you haven’t completely botched it, made an ass out of yourself, or made an ass out of Amerca. I am glad this sort of reigned in version of you does, in fact, exist. I am curious where it has been all along, too.

As I stand corrected by our POTUS actually behaving like a rational human being, I also continue to be extremely concerned with the state of our country. It was less than 10 years ago that Barack Obama said he would be open to meeting with North Korea/Kim Jong-Un and was derided by the Republican party, being called naive and weak.

Even when this point has been brought up to ardent Trump supporters [who are, quite frankly, being cocky and pompous that their guy finally did something right… acting like he’s been this great POTUS since day one, despite this being his first diplomatic “win”] they still find some way to make this all about how terrible Obama was (or how terrible Hillary was, despite this having literally nothing to do with her) and how legitimate Trump is.

This, however, brings me to my final point: legitimacy. After botching the G7 so royally, and making a complete and utter ass out of himself and the United States, I think Trump realized he needed to at least do one thing right that he could point to and beat his chest while boasting how great he is. I also think Kim Jong-Un is in a similar position. These are two men who have been largely written off as poor leaders, who also have fragile egos that need to be fancied. Kim Jong-Un gets to feel like a big boy, because he got legitimacy given to him, something his father never received. Trump is now getting legitimacy because he’s done something no other U.S. leader has done… and yes… he’s [so far, to my knowledge] done a good job of.

So yes, Donald Trump did something good. This doesn’t, however mean he was right. Trump’s threatening of nuclear war was not right. Trump’s stooping down to Twitter pissing matches with a dictator wasn’t right. Trump acting like an unhinged and complete maniac, with regards to North Korea, wasn’t right.



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