Three Quick Points on Trump Recently

So Trump has openly said he is against providing due process for those seeking asylum in the USA, and that he would rather just imprison or ship them back without so much as a court hearing even. This is dangerous territory. This would give ICE unlimited power with zero over-sight. How is this much different that Hitler’s Gestapo?
Also, please keep in mind that no country is sending anybody here. It’s not like Mexico or Honduras have a group of government officials going around and recruiting citizens to be “shipped” over to the USA. People come here on their own volition. People also leave here on their own volition.
Another thing to keep in mind. A wall would be pointless and solve perhaps 10% of the problem. Most people/drugs that get here illegally come here by legal methods. Most people come here with a legal visa via plane/train/automobile and just don’t leave once their work/student/tourism visa says they need to. Most drugs come here via legal shipping methods or plane/train/automobile. The whole concept of people sneaking across the Rio Grande under the cover of night is farcical. Does it happen? Yes, absolutely. Does it happen to the extent that Trump/GOP want you to believe it happens? Not even close. A wall would cost the USA billions of dollars and only solve a small fraction of a larger problem. That money would essentially be as useful as the millions of dollars Trump wants to spend on a parade. If you don’t understand what I mean by this, I’ll lay it out. Trump just wants to waste taxpayer money to tickle his ego and leave a lasting monument to put him in the history books.

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