My thoughts on Atheism

Please don’t assume that atheists, such as myself, are bad people. Just because we don’t believe in your god, doesn’t mean we don’t believe in things and are empty vessels.

Over the years I’ve had many conversations with friends, relatives, and strangers about atheism and have found many misconceptions.

We don’t believe in God, yes. We also don’t believe in Satan. We don’t believe in sin, but that doesn’t mean we try to be bad people. Personally, I believe in kindness. I strive to show that cashier at the grocery store the same exact respect I would show a student in my classroom, a family member, or a kind stranger on the street. We don’t NEED a God, or a book, to tell us right from wrong. I don’t wrong others because I know how bad it feels to be wronged. That’s just called human compassion.

We believe in science. We’re able to admit to ourselves that we don’t have all the answers, nor could there every be one person or one being with all the answers, but collectively we can find the answers, which leads me to…

We believe in humanity. We don’t think we’re better than you. We don’t want to “convert” you, so please don’t try to “convert” us. I promise, many of us came from religious families. I was baptized Catholic. It was in-part due to a Catholic priest that I am an atheist, if you ever want to hear that store I would be more than happy to share it. Many of us are actually extremely educated about religion, and it is because of this knowledge that we are atheists.

Please stop misunderstanding us. Please stop assuming the worst in us.

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “My thoughts on Atheism

    • I’m doing to disagree with you, sir. See, an atheist doesn’t believe in sin. Many Christians assume this means that an atheist doesn’t have morals.

      Let me ask you this, though: Are you a good person because you do good deeds out of some fear, such as going to hell, or are you a good person because you do good things for no eternal reward?

  1. Well, since there is no reward in heaven, I guess it’s because I have a soft spot for life and for people. I don’t think a reward is in order for being kind. Why do you ask?

    • Jim,

      I apologize I never noticed this comment until now. I was going through some old records here and spotted this.

      As for the reward, the main reason I bring it to light is that in our society we have been trained since a young age that we should be rewarded for the positive and punished for the negative. Yes, the entire population doesn’t react in such ways, but unfortunately that is a huge part of society. This also, historically, has been a huge selling point for Christianity since the days of the Roman Empire.

      Us free thinkers, however, are generally intelligent enough to see this. Unfortunately the entire world doesn’t always want to think with their heads, rather than with their Bibles.

      • It was Alan Watts who stated “when the organism is no longer compelled to defend itself for being an organism the individual is ready to own his unconscious behavior”. The churches control that by convincing you your a sinner, that you need defending no matter what.

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