Trump’s Newest Lie

So first Trump denies that a meeting with Russians to get damaging information on Clinton happened. Then he says it happened, but that he had no idea it took place. Now he admits it took place, he knew about it, but says there is nothing wrong with such a thing.

Let me put this into perspective. First off, it is illegal to work with (also known as conspire with) foreign governments to influence our elections. Secondly, Trump has shown numerous times that he is willing to lie, then get caught, then he changes the story.

How is this acceptable conduct by the President of the United States? If this were Hillary Clinton, the GOP Congress would be filing impeachment papers yesterday, and rightfully so.

This is illegal. This man AND his campaign ACTIVELY worked with and sought help from a foreign government and their agents to win an election. There is literally no other way of explaining it.

The entire Trump administration needs to be shut down. We need a special election for POTUS. Every single judge that Trump has given a lifetime appointment to, needs to be removed from their position. Trump has now, literally, admitted to working with Russians to win the election. Everything about this current administration is illegitimate.



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