My thoughts on Post-Trump “Republicans”

I’ve noticed in the post Trump world that there are two types of Republicans.  The first type, is the kind we see every day, out in the open.  They defend Trump.  They defend the ridiculous decisions this administration makes (caging children, building a wall, the Space Force, etc.).  They also buy into all the lies that Trump & Co. spread.

The 2nd type of Post-Trump Republican, however, is the more dangerous type.  These are the Republicans who now use the the lines, “Both parties are just as bad” or “Government is just bad” rather than taking ownership that their party elected Donald Trump.

Since Trump was elected, I’ve seen a rise in this second type.  Giving credit where credit is due, these are the Republicans who realize that Donald Trump is bad for America, that he lies on a near daily basis to the American people, and that he is ruining the reputation of the United States.  The thing about them that is just so bad, and truly makes the worse, however, is that rather than just denounce Donald Trump and his supporters, they’d rather take the whole ship down.  These are the kids who got picked last for the kickball game, and rather than being a good sport about it and playing, they take the ball and toss it over the fence so nobody can have fun.

We see a lot of these Republicans in Congress, too.  These are the ones who stand by silently, while Trump spouts off on whatever bullshit tale of the week he is on, because they also know that he’ll sign whatever bill they send his way.  Is it worth it, however?  Sure, they’re getting their tax cuts for the wealthy, dismantling the EPA (allowing corporations to do whatever they want to the environment in the name of profit), allowing Christianity to take control in government, etc.  They don’t mind that Donald Trump is discrediting the FBI and the CIA.  They don’t mind that Donald Trump is ruining our relationship with allied countries, such as France, Germany, and Canada.

Going back to the voters though, the common folk.  Why is it so hard for them to say, “Yes, I disagree with the policies of the Democrats, but at least right now their heart is in the right place, and they’re doing what they feel is best for workers, for minorities, and for America.  The Donald Trump Republicans, however, are not.”  Republicans and Democrats used to not have this huge disconnect.

Those same voters fail to realize (or admit) that Hillary Clinton 2016 had more experience to help her be a successful POTUS than Barack Obama 2008.  Hillary had been investigated to the bone and found of zero wrong-doing, yet is continually said to be crooked as hell.  Yes, as a Democrat, I can admit that the DNC shot their foot by essentially giving Hillary the nomination.  The fact that there wasn’t much competition during the primaries wasn’t good for the Democrat party.  I also still voted for Hillary, despite her not being my first choice.  I wasn’t going to pout and cry because my guy (Bernie) didn’t get the nomination.

So in conclusion, I’d like to please ask you Non-Trump supporting Republicans to own your shit.  Speak out against your party.  Realize that there is something BIGGER at stake here!  Don’t put party above country!



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