Let’s still have some dignity left…

I was reading an article in GQ (linked here) about how the GOP is throwing their political tantrum over the Kavanaugh business, conveniently forgetting the political obstruction show they gave us with 10 months left of the Obama term that the people chose for him to have…  you know, since it was up to the voters.  A line, however, stuck out:
“But the outright gall of Graham’s claim is remarkable because it’s word-for-word the playbook that his party used to steal a Court seat from Barack Obama’s nominee.”
That line says it all. If this were TRULY about politics, and truly a smear campaign, as the GOP wants you to believe, then you would have seen this happen with Neil Gorsuch, back when the Democrats truly had a reason to be angry.
Don’t believe the victim card these filthy humans are trying to play. Don’t think for a second that Kavanaugh is the victim of anything here.
Even without the sexual assault accusations against Kavanaugh, have we seen a SCOTUS nominee act so damn entitled in our lifetime? Kavanaugh yelled and screamed about this as if he that position was already his, and somebody was taking it away from him. That is not very becoming of a Supreme Court Justice. It is clear that we have no morality left in the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch, but for crying out loud, we still need to have some dignity left in the Judicial Branch.

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