No more words left…

So Donald Trump just posted (and presumably Tweeted) the following:


This is just completely ridiculous, for a few reasons.

1. The DNA test showed she had Native American ancestry, albeit distant. Probably going back to the 1700’s.
2. If it’s a fraud, why continue with the racist “Pocahontas” stuff, continuing to be a vile, disgusting person?
3. Where is the outrage over this from those same people outraged over a video that a rapper made 48 hours ago?

We’ve officially hit a point in our democracy where one side is saying the other is being out of line, violent, etc., while they REFUSE to police their own and openly allow this sort of a double standard.  I remember a few short months ago when the Democrats were being called snowflakes and told they were being pussies who wouldn’t fight back.  Now that the GOP continues to escalate their attacks, their power grab, etc. and some are finally standing up to such tactics, they’re being accused of the same things the GOP has been doing for over 2 years now.

I am completely without words.  This nation is going down a dark path, with Donald Trump leading it there.


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