Snoop Dogg Activist

So I recently had an interesting comment/response on my Facebook about the recent Snoop Dogg video, which has him pointing a gun at a clown depicting Donald Trump.  I made a comment opining where the GOP outrage was when people disrespected our last sitting POTUS, as opposed to why it is there now.  Even more so, how they had outrage over those who publicly were opposed to our previous POTUS, G.W. Bush, yet openly disrespected the man who followed.


Ultimately my question goes into why was it acceptable for the GOP to be outraged at those who spoke out against G.W. Bush and those who speak out against Trump.  Also, it goes in to where is that anger coming from?  People disliked policies that G.W. Bush had.  People disliked how G.W. Bush handled Katrina, 9/11, the two wars, etc.  People dislike Trump’s comments about Hispanics, gays, blacks, Muslims, etc.  What was the main thing people hated about Obama?  That he was black and that he gave them healthcare (but believed the lies about the Affordable Care Act, which is becoming more and more evident as the GOP realizes what would happen if they repeal such a great piece of our country).

So yes.  Snoop Dogg is doing something very distasteful.  Where was your outrage for the last 8 years, however?


The questions…

Ever have one of those days where you can’t get the past off your mind?
The good, the bad, everything?
What was within your control, what wasn’t?
Where you should have been more patient?
Where you should have practiced restraint?
Where you should have forgiven?
Where you should have forgot?
What would change now?
Where would you be now?
Throughout all of that, what do you have to show for yourself?

All the reasons…

I recently read an interesting post on Facebook that a friend shared about “the reasons to unfriend me on Facebook” which was essentially a list of reasons I support a political candidate.  I wanted to take a moment to expound upon that list, so bear in mind that this post isn’t an original idea from me, but I did take many of these points in order to paraphrase as well as elaborate upon.

Anyways, below I have listed out all the reasons I support the Democratic agenda.  Whether you agree or disagree, please feel free to leave a comment.

  • I believe President-Elect Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobe, liar, and overall hate-filled man.  I say this not because of something the “liberal media” told me, rather because of the first hand accounts given by Mr. Trump.  When he first had his disgusting rant about a disabled reporter, openly mocking this man, I thought that would have been the end of Donald J. Trump.  I remember a time when Howard Dean’s overly excited “Yaaah!” disqualified him from being POTUS.  From there, Mr. Trump went on to be exposed for sexual assault with his pussy comments, put down the Hispanic community with his talk about rapists and criminals, put down African-Americans, and truthfully, put down everybody who was against him.  He went on to say if he lost, it was because the system is rigged.  He went on to speak out against the Electoral College, which is the very reason he was elected.  He has yet to even speak out against his supporters who have been harassing and even abusing various minority groups that Trump has spoken out against.  At the same time, however, he certainly does have the ability to Tweet that the cast of a play must apologize to Mike Pence, for speaking out against the Trump/Pence administration.
  • I believe that President Obama is the greatest POTUS so far in my lifetime.  When you look at so many economic statistics (GDP, Dow Jones Industrial Average, the unemployment rate, the number of uninsured Americans, and even the price of gasoline, to name a few) you are seeing numbers greater than during his predecessor, and even greater than during the Clinton administration previously.  Where do Republicans get off saying that President Obama has failed?  President Obama was able to be an instrumental part of this, all while having just about every single Republican in D.C. actively and openly working against him.  You had a GOP, lead by Mitch McConnell, openly saying their goal was to make President Obama a one term President.  Obviously they failed.  I am glad they did.  You also had POTUS in Obama that took the high road every-single-time he was faced with hateful, slanderous attacks from the GOP.  From elected officials.  He ran a scandal free administration.  He always held his head high.  He has been the standard bearer of being a class act.
  • I do not believe that those who need public assistance are lazy and don’t want to work.  Yes, are there some people who cheat and game the system?  Absolutely!  To try to say that even the majority of those who receive public assistance are trying to game the system is just abhorrent.  I was let go from a full-time job in my young 20’s.  For a while, I received unemployment benefits because of this.  I used this time wisely to not only look for new work, but to also reevaluate my life, which lead me to the greatest decision I’ve ever made, which was to go back to school to pursue my dream of being a teacher.  That could not have been possible without public assistance.  This leads me to the next point of…
  • I believe that government safety nets are a necessary part of our country because somebody who gets sick, or becomes old, should not have to struggle to make ends meet.  Healthcare is too high.  Hospital visits cost too much.  There, I said it.  I will also say that I have a hard time believing that this is due to the Affordable Care Act.  Wouldn’t you think, for a moment, that this is due to corporate greed instead?  In a nutshell, the Affordable Care Act seeks to have everybody in an insurance plan.  If everybody is in an insurance plan, then everybody covers the costs for us all.  “But I am healthy!  I shouldn’t have to!”  You never know when you might fall ill, have an accident, etc.  Making sure that everybody is covered, despite a pre-existing condition, prevents those with unforeseen circumstances from going bankrupt paying for healthcare.  Nobody should have to set up a GoFundMe page because they got cancer or were in an accident.  Making sure that every single person has to have health insurance keeps premiums down, too, because everybody helps to pay.  It prevents somebody from not paying their whole life, then quickly jumping onto an insurance plan the moment something goes bad.  This ensures that everybody is covered for when the worst happens.
  • I don’t believe everybody should have military/assault style weapons.  This is something I’ve gone over time after time with others.  I’ve even written posts, in length about that issue here and here, and originally started here.  I don’t need to go over this anymore.
  • I believe women have a right to choose what happens to their bodies in terms of all aspects, including birth control and pregnancy.  This is pretty self explanatory.  The majority of laws pertaining to women’s health have been made by a majority of older, white males.  Just think about this for a second.  What gives an older, white male any sort of reason to make a law regarding women’s reproductive rights?  There just flat out is no reason.  Ruth Bader Gingburg stated it best when asked when there will be enough women on the Supreme Court when she state it will be enough when it is all women.  I agree with this.  For how long was the Supreme Court nothing but white males?  I’m not going to look this up, but I feel comfortable saying that the majority of the time the Supreme Court has been around it has been 100% white males.  If you’d like to look this up and provide specifics, please do so and leave a comment.
  • I believe in a fair tax system that asks more of those at the top of the wealth chain.  I am not saying that those at the top don’t deserve to be at the top.  Yes, they are there because they’ve done something right in life.  They are also there because of what this country has done for them.  Would they still be at the top if it wasn’t for the interstate highway system?  Would they still be at the top if it wasn’t for the U.S. Postal Service?  Would they still be at the top if they didn’t have highly educated workers who have at least graduated public school?  You see the point I am making.  They are wealthy, not only of their own doing, but because they have received numerous benefits from our government programs, which are funded by American tax dollars.  It is insulting to see those wealthy Americans stash this money overseas, game the tax system for every loop-hole they can find, and ultimately then to say (either explicitly or implied) that they don’t have to pay their fair share.  It is because of government programs they were able to succeed in the first place!  Period.
  • Finally, I believe in a country that accepts all races, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, etc. to be a stronger country.  This one doesn’t even need an explanation.  Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.  Just because your beliefs tell you something is wrong does NOT give you the right to force that belief upon others.

So there you have it.  Those of you who read this blog regularly should not have any surprises.  I do encourage you to leave a comment, whether you’re for or against this.  I do reserve the right to delete rude and disrespectful comments, and have done so in the past.  We can disagree with each other, we can also do so respectfully.

Thank you for reading.

The Federal Bureau of what?

I just read the news that the newest investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails by the FBI showed zero wrong-doing, yet again.  I am not surprised, but still disgusted.
I wish somebody would investigate some of those within the FBI for going along with a fallacious witch-hunt to try to sway elections. There has NEVER BEEN nor will there EVER BE anything criminal about what Hillary Clinton has done.  The job of the FBI is to investigate criminal activity, not to have a stance on who gets elected.  
The GOP knows they’re on life-support. Their ONLY possibility to win is to try to make their opponent look just as awful as their option. This isn’t even a Donald Trump problem, too. This problem is bigger than he is. For 8 years the Republican Party has done nothing. For 8 years the Republican Party has tried to make it their job to ensure one POTUS failed (who will also be known as one of the best POTUSes this nation has ever seen). For 8 years the Republican Party has ignored facts and pushed narratives.
The Republican Party of even 15 years ago was at least still a party with a sense of duty and integrity. Once the Tea Baggers took over, however, it was over. Correcting this problem doesn’t end with the defeat of Donald Trump, it starts with the defeat of Donald Trump.

3rd Times a Charm?

One of the main reasons [in my opinion] we have two of the most disliked candidates (among young voters) ever this election is due to young people believing everything they read on social media and also them failing to get educated outside of social media. Trump is bad, there is no doubt about it. The only true option Republicans have right now, however, is to try to make their opponent as disliked as Trump. This is through fallacious stories, fallacious investigations that have repeatedly turned up zero wrongdoing, and their attempts to discredit somebody who has been in the public eye for a quarter of a century any way they can.

If you look at Hillary’s track record she has way more hits than misses. It’s not even close. The hit column in both importance and sheer volume easily trumps the miss column. Yes, she is part of the establishment. That doesn’t mean her side of it is the broken side. Was she on the side that obstructed a POTUS for the last 8 years? No! Was she on the side that openly disrespected a POTUS for 8 years? NO! Remember a time when disrespecting the POTUS got you thrown out of country music? Those days are obviously over when we’re talking about the first African-American POTUS.

So please, outside of emails/private servers (proven no wrong-doing, the previous two Republican Secretaries of State also did the same), Benghazi (proven no wrong doing… also was the fault of Republicans slashing the security budget for embassies, which Clinton warned against), and a slight case of pneumonia (FDR served with, and was elected with, polio and was wheelchair bound. One of the best leaders we have ever had the honor of having) give me some factual, researched claim as to why Hillary is so bad. I am truly curious, because who has been able to fulfill this request yet?  I will wait.

Regardless, on to the 3rd party candidates.  We’ve been hearing a lot more about Mr. Gary Johnson lately.  The man was saying he should have been a part of the debates.  What happened?  He was given some prime-time television air time.  What did he do with it?  He proved to us that his foreign policy knowledge, or lack thereof, goes a lot farther than just Aleppo.  I get it, under pressure it might be hard to think up a name off the top of your head, but you’d think you’d eventually come up with something.  If you cannot handle yourself under the pressure of a casual interview, how do you expect to handle the pressure of being the leader of the United States of America?

Rather than hash out the multiple reasons as to why Jill Stein and Gary Johnson would be awful wastes of your vote, I’ll link an article here so that you can read what the Washington Post had to say about it.  Either way, both of these candidates are ill-prepared to lead and are both looking so good because nobody has bothered to take a closer look at who they are and what they really represent.  I’ve already spoke in length about Gary Johnson, and his policies here and here, so I won’t rehash that.  I’ll just leave you with this.  Outside of marijuana and abortion, what kind of politician is Gary Johnson?

You are wrong…

Hey, just giving an FYI to all you people that:
  • Don’t believe there is a problem with police brutality in this nation.
  • Don’t believe their is a problem with racism, especially with concerns to our criminal justice system, in this country.
  • Keep chanting #BlueLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter despite the fact that you didn’t give two hoots about “blue lives” or “all lives” until people wanted Black Lives to actually matter.
  • You Donald Trump supporters, who (generally be default) fall into all three of the above listed categories.
The world largely disagrees with you. The United Nations disagrees with you. We have a problem. You can be as angry or ignorant about this problem as you’d like. You can try to yell it away. You can try to hate it away. It is not going away. The world wants you to know that you are wrong.
Here is the thing, however. Being wrong isn’t bad. Being wrong can actually be one of the most beautiful things life has to offer. Being wrong allows you the opportunity to become better. Being wrong allows you the opportunity to grow as a person. Embrace being wrong and look within yourself and look within your community and look to whatever powers you must look towards for growth as a human being. We are all in this world together, as one.
Anyways, feel free to click HERE to read more about this, or just copy and paste the link below.  I also intentionally used the Al Jazeera article just to infuriate some of you racists.  Us normal people know that Al Jazeera isn’t some evil thing.

Gary Johnson the opportunist.

I am sharing here a post I just put up on my Facebook page with some of my thoughts about Gary Johnson and his campaign so far:

Gary Johnson has got to be the best opportunist around. This guy has been able to take advantage of other people’s screw up’s and dirty games to look like the cleanest candidate ever.
Fact: Donald Trump is a loud-mouthed POS who doesn’t deserve the attention he is getting for his filth.
Fact: Hillary Clinton has faced more scrutiny than any candidate in history and there still hasn’t been any evidence of criminal activity. Yet, people still are calling her a criminal (and Gary Johnson is essentially pedaling this, too).
Many Bernie Sanders supporters are flocking to Johnson, despite the fact that they know very little about Johnson and his policies. They go from the progressive in Bernie to the life-long Republican in Gary Johnson. If Gary Johnson were so great, then why didn’t they vote for him in 2012? That’s right, many of them have zero idea that Gary Johnson even ran in 2012!
Johnson is taking advantage of a situation for his own gain. Bernie Sanders was a class act, especially when he defended his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and acknowledged that the multiple witch-hunts against her were purely farcical. Gary Johnson, however, does not possess that kind of class and honor. Gary Johnson is pedaling the same “Hillary and Trump are both evil” garbage that the GOP is trotting out because they know they’ve been dealt a terrible hand with Trump winning the popular vote. The GOP knows that Trump might sink their party at the national and state levels. The GOP is the reason why you anti-Clinton people believe that she is a crooked individual, when she has done NOTHING but act with the same class and dignity that should be expected of our elected officials.
The same people who tried to convince you that Barack Obama was a Muslim, was born in Kenya, etc. are the same people who have you hook, line, and sinker on Clinton being a criminal. You’ve been fooled. You believed the clever social media memes. You believed the Fox News. You believe the 140 character long tweets. Now we all have to suffer because of it.
Do the rest of us a favor and actually do some research on all three candidates. Look at the plans all three candidates have laid out. These can be easily found on their campaign websites. Stop believing every-single-thing you see on social media. Don’t make the rest of us suffer from you ignorance. I am not going to tell you who to vote for, but dammit, please make an informed vote for your sake and the sake of the rest of us.