My thoughts on Ilhan Omar

The state of Israel and the Jewish faith are two separate things. Just like the State of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic faith are two separate things.

You can be against the U.S. selling weapons to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. and not be anti-Semitic or anti-Islamic. You can be against the U.S. giving money to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. and not be anti-Islamic or anti-Semitic.

I love, cherish, and respect all of my Jewish and Muslim friends. I love, cherish, and respect all of my Christian friends. I love, cherish and respect all of my heathen friends. I also know the difference between a State and a Nation. Honestly, a quick Google search of “state vs nation” can help you realize the difference, too.


My [incomplete] thoughts on the wall…

I recently saw a video that outlines some of the side-effects of the border wall.  I decided to share it and outline some of my thoughts. The link is provided below.  Apparently me trying to give the link screws with the formatting, cutting off half my post forcing me to re-write it.

First off, this border wall would NOT be directly on the border. Much of that border is a river. I’m not sure if you pro-wall people know anything about rivers, flooding, erosion, or engineering… but you don’t just put a wall right next to a river. (for those of you who say you’ve seen walls never to rivers before, think about the specific purpose of those walls compared to this wall).

Think about all the land that will have to be seized by the federal government to actually place this wall on. Much of that land is owned by regular people such as you and I. There have already been smaller walls put up causing many issues for farmers who no longer have accessibility to half their farm land. Now we expand that issue to a scale as large as the border.

Think about all the wildlife and their natural migratory patterns that will be disrupted. Sure, I imagine if you’re pro-wall you also don’t give a shit about the environment, but just because you don’t doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everybody. Don’t be that kid who doesn’t get picked for kickball who tosses the ball over the fence.

The last thing I want you to think about is what a goddamn eye-sore such a wall would be, especially compared to the beauty that it will be blocking. Think of the constant vandalism that will occur on both sides of the wall. Think of the constant repairs that will have to be made to both sides of the wall. Think of how trashy this will look. Again, if you’re pro-wall this won’t directly affect you. Also, if you’re pro-wall there is also a good chance you truly don’t care about the feelings of your fellow human beings. You just want what you feel is yours.

So I leave you with this.  I intentionally didn’t get into how the wall will be a largely ineffective waste of time and money, as most people who are here illegally came here first via legal methods.  I also did a search of my blog to realize I’ve never written a detailed post outlining this, so perhaps I should.

Stay tuned.


On the ACA ruling in Texas

My thoughts on the judge in Texas who struck down the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) as unconstitutional:
I am, first and foremost, calling shenanigans on this. The ACA has been around for 8 years now. It has been reviewed and re-reviewed by various courts across the nation, and the majority of it has been upheld time after time again.
This is unfortunately a case where a judge has decided to take the law into his own hands. I don’t want to “blame” Trump for this, but this is certainly something that has been able to come about in our nation, very recently. The job of a justice is to be impartial. Brett Kavanaugh showed the nation, and fellow justices, that one can be completely biased, have a pre-existing belief, and use that (instead of the constitution and the laws on the books) in their decision making.
Why do I say this? Look at the reason given for this justice to strike down the ACA. Essentially it was stricken down because the justice felt that how we interpret the ACA today isn’t what was meant by the legislators who drafted it, and passed it. This is an extremely plain explanation, but it ultimately will mean that this will not stand up to an appeal.
The timing of this is what is most relevant, however. Think about where the current administration is. They are mired in conflict and scandal. The campaign team is under investigation. The inauguration team is under investigation. Trump’s personal business is under investigation. Trump himself is under investigation. Democrats just won the House by a landslide during the midterms. The window of opportunity to attempt to repeal the ACA is closing quickly.
Our government was set up, very intentionally, to have three separate branches with various checks and balances on each other. The Judicial Branch is generally regarded as non-partisan (which is part of the justification for life-time terms for justices) as well as the government over-sight branch.
What do we do when all three of our branches of government have disappointed us and let us down?

On Assange and Jim Acosta

So in my infinite ability to be spotty on posts here I bring you a two-fer, as we have two big things going on currently!

Julian Assange (Wikileaks) has officially been charged in the Mueller investigation.  This was apparently let out of the bag early, as they wanted to first arrest Assange, who is holed up in an Embassy for Ecuador.

Why is this important?  Well for started Assange had a big part in the influence of our 2016 Presidential elections.  He/his organization is the one responsible for hacking into the email of John Podesta in an attempt to sway voters away from Hillary and towards Trump.  One will notice that despite Wikileaks claiming to be anti-government, they only do these sort of things to one side (Democrats).  Assange/Wikileaks clearly had a favorite in this election, much like Putin and Russia clearly also had a favorite in this election.

What does this mean for the Trump Presidency or any links to Russia or anything about conspiracy?  Assange ultimately gave these emails to Roger Stone via Jerome Corsi.  Roger Stone was a top advisor to Donald Trump during the campaign.  Roger Stone also has potentially lied to federal investigators when spoke to about such matters, and now Mueller can prove it.  They have uncovered conversations betwen Corsi and Stone that lay out what exactly each of them knew, prior to these emails being revealed.  Julian Assange also has multiple links to Russia and Putin.  Hell, Ecuador is [allegedly] trying to move him to Russia via their official transports from their embassy where he hides.

If any of those dimwitted Trump supporters/apologizers still think they can deny the connection between Russia and Trump after this, then there isn’t any hope for them.  We have to remember, despite their ignorance and arrogance, they are still Americans and they still can and do vote.  It is unfortunate that we’ve gotten to such a point in our society where we’ve allowed ONE SIDE to break down common decency and shit all over the facts so it is impossible for some to be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.  This, ultimately, cannot only be blamed on Fox News, Breitbart, etc.  Many people, many good people… many good Republicans, have allowed this to happy and sad by doing nothing while our society has been slowly eroding away.

On to Jim Acosta.  I’m assuming if you’re reading this that you’ve seen the video, both the real video and the doctored video.  You’ve probably also seen the Kellyanne Conway interview where she claims “speeding up” a video isn’t doctoring a video, it’s just “doing what they do in football to see if somebody got a 1st down” or something of the such.  Aside from the fact that obviously Kellyanne Conway has never watched a football in her life, to blatantly say on television that editing a video isn’t doctoring a video is insane.  Yet Trump’s base ate it up, as they eat up anything said by this regime.

Acosta’s pass has been reinstated today.  This is great news.  Even better news is that the judge who reinstated this is also a judge appointed by Trump.  This will hopefully send a huge message to Trump that he cannot appoint his way into the judiciary.  Sure, I highly doubt that Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Donald Trump ever call on Jim Acosta again to answer a question, but that says more about them than it does Acosta.  We need more news organization, including Fox, to stand up to this regime.  Fox already joined other news organizations in speaking out against such actions.  Fox, CBS, CNN, etc. all need to make sure they’re banding together to do their job and ask the tough questions.

No more words left…

So Donald Trump just posted (and presumably Tweeted) the following:


This is just completely ridiculous, for a few reasons.

1. The DNA test showed she had Native American ancestry, albeit distant. Probably going back to the 1700’s.
2. If it’s a fraud, why continue with the racist “Pocahontas” stuff, continuing to be a vile, disgusting person?
3. Where is the outrage over this from those same people outraged over a video that a rapper made 48 hours ago?

We’ve officially hit a point in our democracy where one side is saying the other is being out of line, violent, etc., while they REFUSE to police their own and openly allow this sort of a double standard.  I remember a few short months ago when the Democrats were being called snowflakes and told they were being pussies who wouldn’t fight back.  Now that the GOP continues to escalate their attacks, their power grab, etc. and some are finally standing up to such tactics, they’re being accused of the same things the GOP has been doing for over 2 years now.

I am completely without words.  This nation is going down a dark path, with Donald Trump leading it there.

Let’s still have some dignity left…

I was reading an article in GQ (linked here) about how the GOP is throwing their political tantrum over the Kavanaugh business, conveniently forgetting the political obstruction show they gave us with 10 months left of the Obama term that the people chose for him to have…  you know, since it was up to the voters.  A line, however, stuck out:
“But the outright gall of Graham’s claim is remarkable because it’s word-for-word the playbook that his party used to steal a Court seat from Barack Obama’s nominee.”
That line says it all. If this were TRULY about politics, and truly a smear campaign, as the GOP wants you to believe, then you would have seen this happen with Neil Gorsuch, back when the Democrats truly had a reason to be angry.
Don’t believe the victim card these filthy humans are trying to play. Don’t think for a second that Kavanaugh is the victim of anything here.
Even without the sexual assault accusations against Kavanaugh, have we seen a SCOTUS nominee act so damn entitled in our lifetime? Kavanaugh yelled and screamed about this as if he that position was already his, and somebody was taking it away from him. That is not very becoming of a Supreme Court Justice. It is clear that we have no morality left in the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch, but for crying out loud, we still need to have some dignity left in the Judicial Branch.

My thoughts on Post-Trump “Republicans”

I’ve noticed in the post Trump world that there are two types of Republicans.  The first type, is the kind we see every day, out in the open.  They defend Trump.  They defend the ridiculous decisions this administration makes (caging children, building a wall, the Space Force, etc.).  They also buy into all the lies that Trump & Co. spread.

The 2nd type of Post-Trump Republican, however, is the more dangerous type.  These are the Republicans who now use the the lines, “Both parties are just as bad” or “Government is just bad” rather than taking ownership that their party elected Donald Trump.

Since Trump was elected, I’ve seen a rise in this second type.  Giving credit where credit is due, these are the Republicans who realize that Donald Trump is bad for America, that he lies on a near daily basis to the American people, and that he is ruining the reputation of the United States.  The thing about them that is just so bad, and truly makes the worse, however, is that rather than just denounce Donald Trump and his supporters, they’d rather take the whole ship down.  These are the kids who got picked last for the kickball game, and rather than being a good sport about it and playing, they take the ball and toss it over the fence so nobody can have fun.

We see a lot of these Republicans in Congress, too.  These are the ones who stand by silently, while Trump spouts off on whatever bullshit tale of the week he is on, because they also know that he’ll sign whatever bill they send his way.  Is it worth it, however?  Sure, they’re getting their tax cuts for the wealthy, dismantling the EPA (allowing corporations to do whatever they want to the environment in the name of profit), allowing Christianity to take control in government, etc.  They don’t mind that Donald Trump is discrediting the FBI and the CIA.  They don’t mind that Donald Trump is ruining our relationship with allied countries, such as France, Germany, and Canada.

Going back to the voters though, the common folk.  Why is it so hard for them to say, “Yes, I disagree with the policies of the Democrats, but at least right now their heart is in the right place, and they’re doing what they feel is best for workers, for minorities, and for America.  The Donald Trump Republicans, however, are not.”  Republicans and Democrats used to not have this huge disconnect.

Those same voters fail to realize (or admit) that Hillary Clinton 2016 had more experience to help her be a successful POTUS than Barack Obama 2008.  Hillary had been investigated to the bone and found of zero wrong-doing, yet is continually said to be crooked as hell.  Yes, as a Democrat, I can admit that the DNC shot their foot by essentially giving Hillary the nomination.  The fact that there wasn’t much competition during the primaries wasn’t good for the Democrat party.  I also still voted for Hillary, despite her not being my first choice.  I wasn’t going to pout and cry because my guy (Bernie) didn’t get the nomination.

So in conclusion, I’d like to please ask you Non-Trump supporting Republicans to own your shit.  Speak out against your party.  Realize that there is something BIGGER at stake here!  Don’t put party above country!